IEEE Conference on Cognitive and Computational Aspects of Situation Management
27-31 March 2017 – Savannah, GA

General Paper Sessions

General Topic Area -Where Cognitive Science meets Computer Science

Paper Topics

  • Theories of situation management, cognitive methods, and decision support
  • Studies of concepts of situation, context, event, goal, intention, action, activity, behavior in interactive human-machine systems
  • Situation perception, comprehension, tracking, prediction and management
  • Collaborative decision support
  • Approaches to spatial and temporal reasoning, reasoning about goals, intentions and actions, and collective reasoning by teams of human and/or machine agents
  • Metrics and evaluation of performance of hybrid human-machine systems
  • Situation-dependent data integration
  • Information fusion
  • Modeling of situations – model acquisition, construction, adaptation and learning
  • Models of human-machine collaboration, hybrid and distributed cognition
  • Ontology-based computing
  • Systems, platforms and tools for situation awareness and decision support
  • System-level experiments
  • Application-specific research

Previous Best Paper Award Winners

2016 Best Paper Award Winners: Mustafa Demir, Michael McNeese, & Nancy Cooke “Team Communication Behaviors of the Human-Automation Teaming”

2016 Best Paper Runners Up: Levent Yilmaz, Ana Franco-Watkins, Timothy S. Kroecker “Coherence-driven Reflective Equilibrium Model of Ethical Decision-Making”

2015 Best Paper Award Winners: Andrea Salfinger, Werner Retschitzegger, Wieland Schwinger, Birgit Proöll “CrowdSA – Towards Adaptive Situation-Driven Crowd-Sensing for Disaster Situation Awareness”


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